HORSEPOWER90 Equine Nutrition Supplement

A Stronger Healthier Horse: So you can win more, and go to the vet less!

HORSEPOWER90 is the new gold standard in equine nutrition.  No other equine supplement even comes close to the purity of the ingredients or quality of the manufacturing process.  The majority of equine products are formulated to treat a symptom whereas HORSEPOWER90 is designed to continuously maintain overall well-being. When your horse is consistently consuming the very best nutrition sourced from where natural ingredients grow naturally, it has the fuel needed to function and perform at its highest level.  HORSEPOWER90 is the key to unlocking your horse’s genetic potential.


HORSEPOWER90 – All-In-One Equine Nutrition

Made from 100% organic and whole food ingredients, HORSEPOWER90 is the first of its kind in the equine nutrition world. HORSEPOWER90 contains zero cutters, fillers or artificial ingredients.

As the most nutrient-dense supplement on the market, HORSEPOWER90 is packed with omega fats, dietary fiber, proteins, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential vitamins & minerals and digestive enzymes.

HP90 has been clinically proven to support overall health and wellness for all horses.

Everything You Need.  Nothing You Don’t.

Recognize Real: Horses instantly recognize the goodness and purity of HP90. There is absolutely no need for artificial flavors.   Simply pour the HP90 powder blend over your horse’s feed and watch as your horse consistently licks their bucket clean.

Following nature’s design, the very best plant-based nutrients allow your horses body to heal and function optimally.  Independent studies have shown in horses of all ages and activity level that adding HP90 to their diet results in faster recovery and optimal athletic performance.

Our revolutionary blend contains only the purest wild & organic ingredients that are essential to building a Stronger Healthier Horse

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HP Nutrition Quality Guarantee: Our products are formulated from only 100% organics whole food ingredients and will never contain any cutters, fillers or artificial ingredients.

Only the Purest Wild & Organic Ingredients

We believe in the power of natural ingredients to support a healthy horse. Complete nutrition comes from whole food plant-based sources with greater bio-availability than artificial vitamins and synthetic nutrients. Our carefully selected plant-based ingredients and formulations target the complete wellness of the body to give you an optimal athlete.

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Vegetarians + The Worlds Best Vegetation = Optimal Results

Our mission is to bring the best vegetation from around the world to every horse with every serving.